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What does ‘COPIA’ stand for?

COPIA is an acronym for “Central Oregon Professional Investment Advisors,” but is also a Latin-based rhetorical term referring to “expansive richness and amplification as a stylistic goal.”

Is there a cost for the initial meeting with COPIA?

As a prospective client, we want to show you the value the COPIA team can provide when trusting us with your assets. In that light, we will hold two separate complimentary, no-obligation meetings. In the first, we will take the time to hear your story and fully understand your situation, your investment history, your future goals and objectives, and your tolerance to risk. In the second, we will show you what our plan is for your current assets, comparing and contrasting different investment options, and fully describing how we do business. If after those two meeting you don’t feel that COPIA is a good fit for you, there is no obligation to transition your assets, there is no cost for the time spent, and you’re free to take any of the reports we provide you for your own use.

Does COPIA have a minimum account size?

We have no minimum account size. We believe in helping as many people as we can, and that even the smallest of custodial accounts deserve professional management.

Will you consult me when making trades in my account?

When joining COPIA as a client, we normally ask for Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) on your account. This affords us the authority to place trades in the account and bill the account for management fees. It also necessitates that we uphold the fiduciary responsibility to do whatever is best for you and your account at all times. This means that we will make all trades on a “discretionary” basis, and will not necessarily consult with you before making transactions in your account. You will receive written confirmation regarding each transactions directly from the account custodian. Our practice is to consult with each client prior to engaging in a management relationship, detailing the plan for portfolio construction, and update you on progress on a regular, ongoing basis.

How can I check the performance of my portfolio?

As a client, you will have complete online access to Albridge Solutions – a robust third-party performance reviewing software which allows you to utilize a plethora of reports showing portfolio growth over any time period, performance of the portfolio vs. an appropriate benchmark, and a detailed breakdown of each holding within the portfolio. We also schedule quarterly in-person meetings with each of our clients, where we will review performance, discuss any changing circumstances to your situation, and consider any adjustments to our investment strategy.

What kind of return can I expect?

We would advise you to be wary of any firm or product that answers this question with a number, since this would be red flag for potential fraud. At COPIA, we will provide parameters for expectations on returns based on the comprehensive financial plan we have mutually agreed upon. We utilize Monte Carlo simulations – which use historical market data to populate a range of possible outcomes – to provide some context to the plan we’ve constructed, but will never guarantee a percentage of return on your investments. Instead, we guarantee to have your best interests in mind and provide the highest level of service possible.

How does COPIA charge for its services?

We are a fee-based firm. We charge a management fee based on a percentage of total assets, using the following tiered schedule. This fee structure allows us to align our goals with those of our clients and to eliminate potential conflicts of interest. Our fee is for comprehensive financial planning and covers all transaction costs. The billing cycle will vary by account, but are most often billed on a quarterly basis, and drawn directly from the portfolio. And because of our fee-based approach and our professional designation, in most instances, your advisory fees are tax deductible.

FEE SCHEDULE for Portfolio Monitoring and Consulting:

Portfolio Assets Annualized Fee
On the first $100,000 …………….. 1.75%
On the next $150,000 …………….. 1.50%
On the next $250,000 …………….. 1.25%
On the next $500,000 …………….. 1.00%
On the next $3,000,000 …………... .75%
On amounts over $5,000,000 …………... negotiable