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Real Estate Services

At COPIA we recognize that for many people, real estate is a large portion of your investment portfolio. It is for that reason that Aaron Boehm carries a real estate license in the State of Oregon and offers real estate services to our clients.

We feel that when considering real estate sales and/or purchases, it is important to understand how that asset fits into the framework of your overall investment strategy, and that we can provide the most value to our clients by assisting in those often complex decisions.

When deciding whether to make a real estate investment, investors should consider several factors, including, but not limited to:

1.     Not a stock substitute: One advantage the stock market offers over real estate is the opportunity for diversification, which can help you manage risks associated with over-concentration in a single investment. Very few individual investors can achieve the same level of diversification through real estate, because that would mean acquiring commercial, rental, and industrial properties in different geographical markets.

2.     Expensive proposition: Investors need to put more money down upfront when purchasing property because of lender requirements. Interest, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repairs are reoccurring costs owners will face as well. And real estate assets often require larger cash reserves for times when a property is not generating income because of a vacancy.  

3.     Active management: Real estate requires an investor’s time, attention, and availability because tenants and the property iteself frequently require attention. Hiring a property manager is an option, but it adds to the costs of the investment.

4.     Becoming a business owner: Buying real estate is similar to starting a business. From weighing the benefits of a rent increase to doing a cost-benefit analysis on property improvements, properties require significant amounts of strategy and management. Like any business, investors also need to consider an exit strategy.

Making a profitable real estate investment often requires skills beyond those possessed by the average investor. While there is plenty of potential upside – in the form of ongoing income and appreciation – it does not come easily or cheaply.  Consulting with a licensed Real Estate Agent and Financial Advisor will help you to assess whether and when purchasing real estate for your investment portfolio makes sense.  At COPIA, we can provide all of these services for you under one roof.

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