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What We Do

Our financial consultants at COPIA Wealth Management help people make smarter financial decisions. We do this by spending hours with all prospective clients, understanding their past history, current situation and future goals and objectives before implementing the most appropriate plan for them. We employ Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) as the foundation to our recommendations. This means we are committed to a disciplined, long-term strategy of pursuing your financial goals and objectives by diversifying your portfolio in and across all asset classes including Real Estate, Commodities, and Futures.  We ask our clients to adhere to the discipline of our investment strategy by working to manage the emotions that can be associated with a volatile market.

Every portfolio is customized to the specific objectives and concerns of the client. The assets you have worked hard to accumulate are not placed in a predetermined basket of investments and left unattended. We actively manage all of our clients’ portfolios by rebalancing based upon current market conditions. Because your life situation changes with the ebb and flow of the market, we make every effort to communicate with our clients at least 36 times a year and provide the opportunity to meet face-to-face quarterly. As discretionary managers of your portfolio, we’ve aligned our compensation with the interest of you the client by charging a single wrap fee that is fully tax-deductible. We realize there is more scrutiny by conducting business in this manner, but feel it is in the better interest of our clients to maintain our transparency and our fiduciary responsibility. 

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

During our first meeting with any potential client, our advisors will take the time to learn your story, understand your personal situation, and recognize your future goals and objectives. This time is dedicated to fully assessing the specifics of the client.

After we feel we truly know the client’s financial situation, our advisors will create a customized, comprehensive financial plan, including cash flow analysis. The second meeting is a time for us to describe to you how we plan to meet your goals and objectives. During this meeting, we will show the client how COPIA can do business as compared to their current provider. In addition, we have the ability to assess and analyze a portfolio's risk/return profile so that the client clearly understands what value our management team can provide. The client can take the report from the free consultation and decide whether COPIA is the right partner to accomplish their financial goals.

The third meeting is for implementation, in which all paperwork and required documentation are completed by the staff at COPIA. Once the assets are under COPIA’s control, we will implement the plan at a time that is most appropriate for the client and their situation.

FEE ARRANGEMENT for Portfolio Monitoring and Consulting:

Portfolio Assets

Annualized Fee

On the first $100,000 ……………..


On the next $150,000 ……………..


On the next $250,000 ……………..


On the next $500,000 ……………..


On the next $3,000,000 …………...


On amounts over $5,000,000……..