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Why We’re Here

COPIA is a firm that is client-driven. The history of the firm was created over 12 years ago, when Aaron managed a local branch of a major firm. One day without notice, the office was shut down and Aaron's colleagues were all laid off, leaving Aaron as the sole advisor of the firm. He was mandated by the corporate office to service only the highest of net worth clients, who produced the largest amount of revenue for the company. Through Aaron’s perceived promotion in the company, it required him to service only those accounts with a minimum account balance and a maximum service fee. Hundreds of his clients no longer “qualified” for the service that he desired to provide. It is for this reason that Aaron shortly thereafter chose to create his own firm – allowing him to service all accounts, because every client deserves the best service and advice available, regardless of asset size. We view all of our clients as if they were our own family.